Yvette Williams

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Bio – Yvette J. Williams

For 10+ years, Yvette has demonstrated a professional capacity to serve disenfranchised and underrepresented populations addressing issues of sex trafficking, life skills trainings, expungements and underemployment for individuals (e.g. Children Sexually Exploited, Men and Women affected by their criminal records, Adult Survivors of Trafficking and Returning Citizens formerly incarcerated and so forth) assisting them with their efforts to re-enter mainstream society and/or the workforce.  It started in 2008 when Yvette became the sole-proprietor of Back on Track Expungement Services, a legal document preparation service for clients seeking the eradication of previous criminal infractions.  Back On Track Expungement Services introduced Yvette to society’s most helpless and overlooked population.

In 2011, Yvette joined Love Never Fails, an anti-sex trafficking agency located in Oakland, CA, to combat the harmful lifelong effects of sex trafficking.   She worked with them from 2011-2015 in various roles, paid and volunteer.  Yvette completed a Street Outreach training and Mentors For Positive Change training after which she hit the streets with volunteers to feed and offer a “way out of the life” to the children and adults that were being forced and manipulated into sex trafficking.  She moved on to the role of Volunteer Program Manager where she facilitated a Paid Job Training and Life Skills Program for the participants.

In 2015, Yvette became the Operations Manager at a startup non-profit organization, Pillars of Hope, Inc.,  an organization working in the fight to restore the lives of survivors of sex trafficking.

She facilitated Pillars Street Outreach Program, and was instrumental in implementing Church Outreach with a Pastors Meet and Greet event for Pillars.  Yvette worked with the Case Manager constructing Pillars Safe House Policies and Procedures manual.  Yvette conducted specialized and monthly trainings.   Yvette took on the role of mobile case manager for families for CSEC children and adults that were kidnapped, working closely with law enforcement and providing resources to heal the family as a whole.

In 2015, Yvette became the sole proprietor of Back On Track Community Services where she conducts workshops, on human trafficking, expungements, cyber bullying, and life skills trainings, at nonprofits throughout the Contra Costa County that services at-risk children and adults.

Yvette will continue to work tirelessly letting her clients know:

“We are not the worst mistake we have ever made in our lives!”…Bryan Stevenson