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Legally Erase and Expunge Criminal Backgrounds

Back On Track Expungement Services

“Criminal Record Expungement/Dismissal” is the process of going to court to ask a Judge for a Dismissal of your criminal record. When a “Conviction” is “Dismissed: “You are no longer considered a convicted Felon”! Your previous charges will reflect as being “Dismissed”! It is important to remember your “Criminal Record” is not destroyed! The police, immigration authorities, and other public officials will have access to “Expunged” court files for certain purposes.

Usually, persons become interested in Criminal Record Expungement/Dismissal’s when they are denied employment, housing  or denial of a professional license due to their criminal record. Most employers require their employees be “Bonded” as a criteria for employment. 75% of employers will not hire a person with “Felonies or Misdemeanors” that have not been reduced through the court system.

An Expungement is never guaranteed! Your paperwork will be correct and completed by me at your discretion in a timely manner. This generally means you have to prove on paper: You have been denied work, housing, or a Professional License because of your “Convictions” & an “Expungement” of your criminal record will not negatively affect public safety; and you have rehabilitated yourself.

Services are offered at a discounted rate if referred by partner non-profit agency

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